Urtah is the ruined port that exists in the southeastern portion of Skothar.

While it used to be a prodigious rival port to Tyr, mysteriously around 638 the entire city fell into ruin.

Now the city is just filled with creatures of the desert.

Myths, Rumors and Legends

  • There is only one pervasive myth regarding Urtah, the myth claims that when the city fell into ruins it did so instantaneously. Supposedly someone came to town searching for an artifact, when they could not find it they destroyed the city. What this means it that all the treasure of Urtah has remained inside of the ruins. Due to a coincidentally sudden increase in the number of evil beings living in Urtah no one has been able to get the treasure out of Urtah.
  • Ignore those other rumormongers, there is more to the myth of Urtah than what they will tell you. See I know where those monsters really came from. They are the population of Urtah, whoever ruined the town managed to turn them all into foul mockeries of man and now they guard the remnants of what used to be their home.


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