Paragon Campaign

November 9th Session

The Party having emerged from Sunderheart had arrived in Harrack Unarth, their original destination.

Heading south into the ruins they stumbled upon some ruins containing an Ettin and Ogres. The Party slew them with Erza collecting the Ettin’s heads.

Inside the Lower City the party found some refugees being tortured by Drow and saved them by slaughtering the Drow.

Following the refugees the Party comes to the shore of Harrack Unarth. Surprisingly they come across five boats on the shore, four of them refugees are being taken into with the fifth off by itself.

The fifth boat contained a man named Seltyiel. He explained to the Party that through prior actions they had accidentally destabilized the nature of the planes. As such he is serving as their parole officer after a fashion. From this point he pointed the Party to the direction of Skothar and more specifically the port of Tyr. He paid for the party’s travel to Tyr and upon completion of their investigation there he has promised them a reward.



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