Paragon Campaign

Summation of session for 11/30

Last time we played the party arrived in the port town of Tyr. Upon arriving at the hotel, the manager comps their rooms based on Smaug being a paladin of Bahamut. The party had a week of free time so set about exploring various legends of the town.
First the party went to the outskirts of the town and saved the townspeople from the Sandpoint Devil.
Second the party investigated the rumors about the Kobold King. It turns out he is still alive somehow and has used the funds to establish an underground railroad for the beastmen to get out of Tyr.
Finally the party went to investigate what is happening to the homeless population and orphans. They decided to start their investigation by heading into the slums and watching the homeless. Donar used a ritual to make the party unnoticeable and they sat and waited around the hobos. Around two or three in the morning a cart arrived and gathered all the homeless into it. The party followed it and it led them through a large wall into the governor’s land. The carriage continued around the mansion and went down into what appeared to be a garage.
The “garage” was a large circular room with drains all around the edge with the floor sloping down slightly towards them. In this room the automated crew of the carriage deloused their homeless cargo. From here the homeless were led into a corridor with a bunch of single person cells. This corridor led no where else it seemed.
The party decided to take this time to investigate the rest of the grounds. First they found the servant’s quarters, which they learned could take them to the dining room of the mansion but this would alert the servants. Inside the mansion they found it to be a wide open place with only a few rooms per floor. The front left room was a library that the party found out was also the terminus for a secret passage. They also learned that the governor was researching haemonculi from the library. The rest of the rooms on the first two floors seemed to be of little importance. There was a stairway on the right of the second floor that led to a dining room on the third floor and a stairway on the left that led to the Governor’s quarters.
The party went back to check into the hobos before leaving for the night. When they made it back to the cells they found out they were gone, there was also a secret door at the end of the cells that they found it led to the library. Before leaving they investigated the delousing room more, where they found out that the center of the floor would descend. The party decided it would be prudent to head back to the inn for the night and investigate the mansion some more the next day.



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