The city of Tyr is the main port for the Golden Empire. As such all imports and exports flow through Tyr. With such flow of goods there is a high amount of work available in the port.

All day and night long, boats flow in and out of the port bringing with them goods, workers and tourists.

What was to become the port of Tyr was originally founded sometime around the year 400. Being located on the shore and by an oasis it became the focal point for the miners of the resources of Skothar‘s deserts. Many explorers from Orbaal’s empires of the time made the boat ride to Tyr to try and make their fortune mining out the crystals in the desert. Due to persecution in Orbaal at the time approximately fifty percent of the founding population of Tyr were beastmen. The other fifty percent was made up of mostly humans, dragonborn, and dwarves.

In the year 532 Tyr was annexed by the Golden Empire. At the start all this change meant was that Tyr was required to pay taxes to the empire but also received protection from bandits and other hostile creatures. Slowly the empire took over more and more of the businesses in Tyr such that by the year 664 all of the businesses were subsidies of the empire. It is around this point that the Golden Empire started to have more of a military presence in Tyr. Soon it was commonplace to see Warforged sergeants and automaton guards patrolling the streets.

With the dawn of the year 700 the empire gave Tyr it’s own Caliph such that they could direct their problems to him instead of traveling to the capital of Al-Hadar. The main focus of the Caliph was the running out of the beastmen of Tyr. Within fifty years there were no beastmen within Tyr. The population from this point was mostly human with a small percentage being dwarves, dragonborn, tiefling and elves.

Myths, Folklore and Legends

  • Legends tell of a hidden deposit of crystals that were never traded or sold but instead kept in Tyr to serve as an emergency fund if it was ever needed. With the empire taking over Tyr the legends state that its location was lost to all except the last known treasurer of independent Tyr, the King of Kobolds.
  • All towns have their local monsters of legend and Tyr is no different. Among the farmers on the outskirts of Tyr comes the legend of the Sandpoint devil. The Sandpoint devil is believed to capture both livestock and children. Reports differ on what exactly it looks like, common features are a horse like appearance but bipedal, batlike wings, and a dragonlike tail. After livestock or children disappear the locals say they find hoofprints in the sand that smell of brimstone. Sometimes these hoofprints are found in more unique areas such as on the roofs of farmhouses.
  • Rumors claim that the Caliph is evil. Not just in the traditional way that all politicians are evil, but that he has been said to kidnap homeless and orphans in order to perform experiments on them. These rumors are not spoken aloud very often, only in the black market and gambling halls will one hear these rumors spoken.


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