The Golden Empire

Believed to have been started sometime around the year 500, the Golden Empire represents the major political force on Skothar. The major towns of the empire are Al-Hadar, its capital, and Tyr, its port.

The Golden Empire is the first empire to be established on the continent of Skothar. Due to the nature of the desert continent it has been difficult for most races to establish a real presence across the deserts. As such it was a perfect location for the Warforged to establish a realm.

Led by the mysterious Mithal Mage, the warforged landed in the southern town of Urtah. From there they traveled west until they eventually settled what would become Al-Hadar.

While the warforged wanted a realm of their own, they were tired of conquest. Instead to build their empire they annexed other towns through their offer of protection while also establishing new towns.

Myths, Legends & Folklore

  • It has been said that the Mithral Mage is not even a Warforged, instead it is said that he used to be a human until he was either transmuted or cursed into his new metallic form.
  • The Golden Empire is big on scientific research. What is not said is that a lot of this research is on the soul, specifically on the transference of the soul into homonculi and other vessels. If one is to believe rumors, apparently their exists a giant homonculous/statue deep within a desert temple that has been constructed through the use of various gems filled with souls. The rumors state that this is designed to be a new body for the Mitral Mage.
  • While what the public sees of the ruling body of the empire is entirely robotic, their exists a dirty secret within the ruling body of the empire he is called the Alchemist. Supposedly he is or was a human that now lives in Al-Hadar and conducts all kinds of horrific experiments within its walls.

The Golden Empire

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