The Creation Myth, an abridged version

In the beginning all was dark until the Creator came into being. None know how or where or why he appeared but what is known is that he did. It is he that brought forth the world and the sky and the planes.

But the world then was not as the world is now. The Gods have told prophets over the ages that this world was a featureless place. It remained this way until the Titans arrived. The Titans have names but the Gods have forbidden their names to be spoken, instead we refer to them by the features they applied to the world: The Former of Mountains, The Shaper of Seas, The Painter of Skies, and others.

In time the Titans grew tired of being the only beings in existence and thus made the Primordials. These beings embody what we know to be the elements of the universe today: Fire, Earth, Wind & Water being the primary elements. The Primordials spread out amongst the world and the planes settling their own realms. Most moved off the land and out amongst the planes. Those that remained on the planes did so to interact with the protolife of the world.
A brief aside, little is known of the protolife that existed then. Most likely it was the creation of one of the lesser known Titans, regardless of where they came from we do know that through the interactions they had with the primordials they became our ancestors.

After the Primordials, either on purpose or by accident, created our ancestors they began to be worshipped as deities. Unfortunately for our ancestors the Primordials cared little for what others wanted and acted only according to their own desires. It was these capricious way that led to the birth of the Gods. Our ancestors started to worship various ideas and concepts somehow, maybe due to more magic being in the world then, these things became the Gods.

The Gods were protective of their subjects and saw the Primordials as a threat to their survival. An extermination campaign was started against the Primordials, many fled to the planes away from the Gods those that remained were destroyed or imprisoned.

With the Primordials under control the Gods turned their attentions to the Titans. Unfortunately the Titans could not simply be killed, instead the Gods had to find a way to seal them away. Over the course of centuries, before our era, the Gods managed to seal away all the Titans but the Former, Shaper and Painter. These three were the most powerful of the Titans and would not go down without a major fight.

This fight resulted in massive casualties for the Gods, stories say that our current Pantheon of Gods represents only one third of the Gods that were first formed. In the end they managed to seal the three Titans away but apparently they sealed them in an extreme manner. Even when the Gods deign to speak with humans they are still cryptic and no God has expanded on what is meant by “an extreme manner”.

Upon the sealing of the Three, the ancestors of the modern races were able to start to form societies. According to archaeological records these first societies date to over a thousand years before our calendar system began.

Abridged excerpt from Suentus Po’s History of the World

The Creation Myth, an abridged version

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