The continent of Skothar exists to the southwest of the Swirling Vortex. From an outside view Skothar seems like a barren continent consisting of only deserts and tundras but those who live here are able to eke out an existence due to excellent use of the oases and the trading of the desert’s crystals.

Major Cities
The Golden Empire

Places of rumor

  • Sanctuary: Supposedly in between the desert and the tundra there exists a hidden Eden. It is here that the beastmen are said to live now. Despite it being a seeming paradise they are assaulted by both creatures from the desert and the snow. Somehow they have managed a complex series of illusions that hide their exact location.
  • Lair of the Ice King and The Frozen Obelisk: Over in the Tundra of Skothar there is said to be someone who rules the frozen lands. Their domain is said to exist mainly around the Frozen Obelisk and the so called Lair of the Ice King. Though in fact they rule all of the tundra except for the two small outposts of the empire, Khorvaire and Sarlona, that exist on the extreme north and south of the wall between the tundra and desert.
  • Lair of the Sand Beast: Deep within the desert there is said to be a beast that lives within the sand. This beast has been said to destroy many caravans heading to the further reaches of the empire every year. No one has actually seen it but some claim it to be some type of giant Wyrm but no one truly knows.


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